About Anand Institute Of Mathematics (PI-AIM)

Anand Institute PI-AIM runs coaching exclusively for JRF/NET & GATE exam, I.I.T JAM exam & CBSE NET, C.S exam and various competitions for Integrated Ph. D & Ph. D like that of D.U., C.M.I, IISC, ISI, JNU, IIT, NBHM, TIFR etc. associated with it. This exam is one of the toughest in India as far as regarding its vast syllabus and nature of pattern is concerned. Since numbers of seats are few, so one has to be very careful about planning and he/she needs proper strategy to qualify. It requires exhaustive and logically compatible approach towards the subject. Since, we provide coaching associated with these exams so there is no heterogeneous population of students aspiring for other exams not relevant to it. This ensures the quality if our guidance, teaching and focus upon the area of concern.

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